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iDiamonds - Rapaport prices

19.99 usd

HK Fair Limited Sale!!! Buy it now before price increases! Visit us at booth number 10U25 at Asia World-Expo for help and Technical support!
iDiamonds is a software for jewelers, diamond manufacturers, dealers, and wholesalers that provides an easy and quick access to diamond prices published by Rapaport Diamond Report.
As with the iPhone, we are always first to bring the diamond industry up-to-date with technology! Expect more innovative features soon!
With the 6000+ happy clients for Android and iPhone.....iDiamonds DOMINATES the market!
iDiamonds - You are not a Diamond Dealer Without It!
***Important Notice: This application requires Rapaport username and password.
Features:- Innovative Design!- Color, clarity, shape, and size picker for quick access to list price.- Carats and percent input boxes for easy calculation of price per carat and total price. - Remembers your selection when you exit and re-enter the app- Easy to use, fast, and increases productivity. - Editable Total price & PPC fields to calculate discount level. - Currency Converter- Rapaport and iDiamonds News- Deal of the Day RSS added. Find hot deals from top diamond manufacturers/wholesalers.- Ability to download new reports from Rapaport and stay up-to-date with diamond prices (One-touch synchronization). - NO ANNOYING POPUP ADS. Here at iDiamonds Mobile we understand that you need this application for business and that you do not want to see annoying popup ads in your paid app. - Fast loading time: 0.8 seconds loading time!- Shapes wheel contains 31 shapes- Use both the 5ct list and the 10ct list for stones over 10ct from the Calc screen, without the need to change tabs. When you enter carat weight over 10 carat in the Carat Weight Textfield, the wheel will jump to the 5ct List. If you still want to see the price with 10ct list, just press on the 10ct section on the wheel.